The Pre-Nutloaf Challenge I

The goal of Dare to Conquer is to help you build an online business that is sustainable and makes you good, good money.

For that reason, we LOVE information product-based businesses.

We like to call them Transformation Businesses.

But a lot of people get caught up in the idea that it’s hard to create a product or that they aren’t good enough to create a product or that nobody would want to buy their product.

That’s all bullshit.

There is information in your head that people are dying to know about but they can’t find it if there isn’t a product up for sale.

So a couple of DTC Members decided to create what is now known as The Nutloaf Challenge. What’s a Nutloaf? That’s not important.

What is important is what the Challenge is for.

This Challenge starts on December 1st, 2019 and the goal is to see who can get to $25,000 in one month with their products, services, and affiliate marketing.

It’s a great Challenge because it really pushes the boundaries of your thinking and it’s great to see people pushing each other to succeed.

The Pre-Nutloaf Challenge by Scrivs

However, some people are still going to be stuck in the mud with the problems I stated above so I figured I would help them to the best of my ability. While there is enough information in Dare to Conquer to help you create your own products, sometimes you just need someone to follow.

So for that reason, I’m going to issue my own Nutloaf Challenge where I will create a product in 21 days, set up a funnel for it, and get it out the door for people to buy.

Before I go into the details of that let’s nail down some rules for this pre-challenge self-challenge.

The Rules

I try my best not to make my life as difficult as possible but easy won’t suffice either so here we go:

  • The product can not be in the how to make money or how to blog space.
  • The product has to be on a topic that I have no experience with. Yes, it has to be a new subject that I’m a complete newbie in.
  • The product must be sold for at least $39. No $2 printables here (nothing wrong with those).
  • The product must launch on October 31st. That means Launch Day we will throw a virtual Halloween Party.
  • The product must be sold on a site that is not yet created.

Do those stipulations work out for everyone?

What I Will Cover

Here are the aspects of product creation that you can expect me to go over:

  • Idea generation
  • Idea research
  • Product creation
  • Sales funnels
  • Landing pages
  • Ecommerce technology

Will all of these things be covered super in-depth? No, that’s what Dare to Conquer courses are for. However, you’ll be able to see how the whole process comes together as I work in a very condensed amount of time to make magic happen.

One More Thing

Because I really want to show you that anybody can create a product that sells, from November 1st – January 31st, 2020, if I don’t sell $5,000 worth of the product, everyone that has purchased Nutloaf Access or Extra Nutloaf Access will get a free ticket to DTCon in 2020.

We don’t any of the details for DTCon yet but free is free.

Remember, this will be for a brand new site that doesn’t exist. Yes, you will know about the product so it could be argued that people from my current audience could buy it but since it’s not related to blogging or online business, who knows how much of the audience will be interested.

Unfortunately, this is something that I can’t control unless I keep the product secret which then defeats the purpose of taking you along for the ride with me.

Hm, you know what we can do?

Everybody that purchases Nutloaf Access or Extra Nutloaf Access will get the product for free.

That cuts out at least some possible purchases.

It’s About Money

While I love teaching people how to build businesses that they and that their audiences love, the fact of the matter is you don’t have a business if you aren’t making money.

It’s hard to make money if you aren’t creating things for people to purchase.

This Challenge is about helping you overcome that resistance to making money for your business.

How to Follow Along

There are three ways you can follow along:

  1. [Free] Basic Access: You can sign up for email updates where I’ll send you an update every single day for 21 days. Sign up for updates here >>.
  2. [$99] Nutloaf Access: You can get access to videos, walkthroughs, and mini-lessons on how to create a product every single day. Because this challenge’s product must go for at least $39, let’s make access $99. Purchase access here >>.
  3. [$139] Extra Nutloaf Access: Same as above PLUS a 15-minute call to discuss your product once you have the idea. Purchase access here >>.

You do not need to follow along all 21 days. You’ll have access to the content and can check it out whenever time allows.

I have no idea if the product that I create will be a book, course, World’s Fair, membership site, or what so, unfortunately, I can’t promise that you’ll learn to create the exact product (like a book) that you’re hoping to see.

Purchase your seat now and the show starts on October 10th and goes through Halloween.

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